KP Youth Employment Program

Digital Skills For All

Youth Employment Program is a digital skills platform that connects youth in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the digital skills needed to help them get jobs, gigs, and other paid work using the Internet.

Courses are offered in modules that will help you to create the customized learning that you need to access digital opportunities, both in Pakistan and internationally. There are opportunities to attend in-person trainings, as well as access course content using an online learning management system platform. Courses will range from basic and introductory levels to advanced levels and create the building blocks of a digital education for the growing opportunities both internationally and in Pakistan. So whether you are new to the digital world, or whether you are already a programmer, blogger, designer or engineer, there is something useful that you can tailor to your specific needs and objectives to advance your digital career. Each course will provide a certification upon successful completion of the tests.

For those looking to jumpstart their careers as developers but don’t have any prior experience, intensive full time learning programs can guide you through the basics to becoming a certified developer ready for digital employment. Peer training opportunities will open shortly, with the opportunity to learn from each other in this fast paced and growing field.

No matter what your skill level, there is something available for everyone. All you need is commitment, a desire to learn, and access to a computer and the internet.

Our Vision

Connecting youth to opportunities in the digital economy

YEP’s vision is to be Pakistan’s first digital economy platform connecting youth with training, skills, and also employment opportunities. It uses a flexible and adaptive approach to keep up with the rapidly changing demands of the digital economy.

YEP offers several core courses designed to meet the most pressing demands in the digital economy today, as well as a growing set of programs designed to provide intensive full time training for specific career paths in high demand areas. In addition, YEP is an open platform to connect training providers with learners on a demand basis to help facilitate learning opportunities for all.

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